Keep Judge Thomas Portuallo

Judge Thomas PortualloValues: Judge Thomas G. Portuallo is a native Floridian with a long-term residence and career in the Seventh Judicial Circuit. Through his work as a Circuit Judge, a former Judge of Compensation Claims for over 16 years, a parent, and an active member of his community, Judge Portuallo strongly supports our government and family value system.

Judge Portuallo understands the significant impact his decisions from the bench have on our local community and citizens. Judge Portuallo treats all parties with dignity and allows each party an equal opportunity to be heard before the Court. At the conclusion of the case, Judge Portuallo renders a decision that is fair, impartial, and according to the rule of law.

Judge Portuallo graduated from the University of Florida in 1983 and Stetson University College of Law in 1986. With over 27 years of legal experience, Judge Portuallo has demonstrated a dedication to public service and respect for the law.

Incumbent: Judge Portuallo was honored with an appointment to the Circuit Court in 2012. After undergoing an extensive application process, including a detailed interview with the Seventh Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission, Judge Portuallo was recommended for the position of Circuit Judge and selected by the Governor from a long list of extremely well qualified candidates.

Judge Portuallo now presides over hundreds of dependency cases. Dependency cases are serious matters that involve innocent children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Dependency court is no place for an inexperienced judge! Dependency cases require a judge to have extensive knowledge of the law and substantial judicial experience. Judge Portuallo has these qualities. His decisions have positively impacted the lives of many children and families in our community.

Vote to keep valuable experience in our legal system.

Prior dependency experience: Prior to his appointment to the Circuit Court, and prior to his appointment as a Judge of Compensation Claims, Judge Portuallo worked in the dependency court system for 9 years as a Guardian Ad Litem, on a voluntary basis. Judge Portuallo advocated for the best interest of children who were physically abused, sexually abused, or medically neglected. Judge Portuallo also represented teenage runaways and many children who were exposed to substance abuse prior to birth, such as cocaine babies.

Experience on the Bench: In addition to Judge Portuallo’s present position as a Circuit Judge, Judge Portuallo was a Judge of Compensation Claims for over 16 years, hearing thousands of workers’ compensation cases in Volusia and Flagler Counties. Judge Portuallo was selected for this position by the last four Florida Governors. He was first appointed in 1996 and was subsequently reappointed in 2000, 2004, 2008, and in 2012. He is a former president of the Statewide Conference of Judges of Compensation Claims.

Judge Thomas Portuallo and FamilyFamily Life: Judge Portuallo is a native Floridian who has been married to Denise Portuallo, a home health nurse, for 17 years. They have two children, Christina (15) and Anthony (13). As a father, a husband, a Teen Court volunteer since 1997, a Boy Scout leader, a Guardian Ad Litem, a youth athletic coach, and as a dependency judge, Judge Portuallo has dedicated his life to serving others, particularly children.

Judge Portuallo possesses the character, leadership skills, and integrity we value in a Judge.

On August 26th, vote to keep Circuit Judge Thomas G. Portuallo working for us!